Fabian Lauer

guitarist + singer

After the release of his first studio album in May 2021, Fabian is now booking shows solo and with his trio.

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Fabian Lauer Trio - Call Me To You

Together with Giuseppe Albinati on Drums and Michael Benoit on Bass, Fabian plays his first single "Call Me To You". Always an audience and radio favorite, the trio brings "Call Me To You" to life in one of their first rehearsals ever.

Fabian Lauer Trio - Good Love Is On The Way

An instant classic, "Good Love Is On The Way" was written and played live by the John Mayer Trio. Fabian and his trio added the song to their set not just because it's a mood maker at any show, but also because it's a staple for any rock trio's set.

Five Dollar Chateau (with Jim Scheck)

Together with the release of Fabian's debut album "Five Dollar Chateau", he got together with Jim Scheck, one of Luxembourg's finest drummers (Leen Band, Chaild, Zero Point Five & more). They perform their parts as they did in the original recording session of the album's title song.

Good Shoes (Acoustic)

Fabian performs an acoustic version of his song "Good Shoes". Originally, this song was released on Fabian's debut album "Five Dollar Chateau" in May 2021.

Self-Control - Live at Rockhal Luxembourg

In 2020, the Rocklab, Grund Club Luxembourg and ING collaborated to create a live experience at the Rockhal Luxembourg. As he had just been inducted into the Grund Club as a songwriter, Fabian was invited to perform a live version of Remo Cavallini's song "Self-Control", together with the Grund Club band.

Queen of California (Acoustic)

Fabian shows what's possible with 6 strings, a few chords and an acoustic guitar. He performs John Mayer's "Queen of California", one of the cover songs that often finds its way into in his live setlist as well.


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Sets 45min - 2hr

If you’ve seen him play,
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Solo or with his Trio, Fabian impresses with skill and feel, both on guitar and vocals. An extensive repertoire of Blues, Country, Pop and Rock entertains audiences across all age groups, his original songs keep you hooked and his covers make you wonder what is possible with just a guitar.

After a stint at Jazz College, Fabian found his unique voice as a songwriter somewhere between theDire Straits, John Mayer and Clapton. His 2019 single “Seeing is Believing”, for example, remained in the Luxembourgish Radio AirplayTop 100 for over 40 weeks.

Combining bass, chord and melody tracks into his rythm guitar at the same time, you’ll never feel like his performance is missing anything, regardless of whether you’re hearing him play solo concerts on acoustic guitar, or a Hendrix-like trio gig with electric guitars, amplifiers and tons of mojo.

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Fabian releases music regularly on multiple platforms.
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About Fabian

1 Album · 3 Singles · 40+ Weeks Lux Top 100 Radio

Growing up listening to the classic rock tapes and CDs of his family, Fabian developed a feel for everything bluesy quite early in life. His guitar playing and music is influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more. His passion for the guitar developed in his early teens; after picking up his dad's dusty nylon string guitar, he became fascinated. The first bands and gigs followed promptly and soon, he was hooked. Fast forward to young adulthood. In what seemed like a logical step on the path to becoming a musician, Fabian enrolled in the International Music College Freiburg, Germany, just to discover that the passion for music quickly faded under academic pressure.
A few years down the line, Fabian found back to his creative outlet. Now, his music is written and performed because of a desire to create, instead of an academic or financial need. Still strongly influenced by his early idols, he added a lot more genres and influences to his portfolio. Influences ranging from or to and , his music now incorporates mainly blues, rock, pop and soul into a tasteful, modern sound.
With the single Call Me To You, the Luxembourg & Germany based singer-songwriter released the first song of a 2+ year long writing and production journey in early 2020.


Fabian is available for radio and TV interviews and performances (solo or with a trio).
To reach out, drop a message to contact@fabianlauer.com.

Fabian releases music regularly on multiple platforms.
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